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  • Why The Pan You Cook In Matters

    Different pans, made with different metals and alloys, can have a major effect on the outcome of cooking.

    Why The Pan You Cook In Matters Pantree

    Picture a man sitting in his comfortable chair reading the newspaper after work. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees his eye his wife approaching him with a fry pan and before he can move, she hits him over the head with it. Eyes bulging from his head, he says to his wife, why did you do that?  She holds his coat in her other ... Read more

  • Why You Shouldn’t Always Turn Up the Heat When Cooking

    Turning Up the Heat Could Affect Nutrient Levels, Flavors and Healthiness of Food

    Little Johnny’s preschool class went on a field trip to the fire station. The firefighter giving the presentation held up a smoke detector and asked the class: “Does anyone know what this is? ”

    Little Johnny’s hand shot up and the firefighter called on him.

    Little Johnny replied. “ That’s how Mommy knows supper is ready! ”   Why You Shouldn’t Always Turn Up the Heat When Cooking

    Many moons ago I used to be a housewares and cookware buyer for a major ... Read more

  • Disorganized Problem Solver Invents Useful Pantree Cookware Organization System

    Who Invented Your Favorite Cookware Organization System?

    There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are organized and those who are disorganized. The organizers are people who stay up at night thinking about doors being open, lights that might be on and, oh no the dreaded clothes not being put away or what to make for dinner for the next 3 weeks. These are the same people who have great credit, never piss anyone off by missing a birthday, and make sure their children do their homework every night. Their clothes are pressed for work, their lunch is ... Read more