The Original PANTREE® as seen on QVC, introduces PANTREE® PLUS

Disorganized Problem Solver Invents Useful Pantree Cookware Organization System

Who Invented Your Favorite Cookware Organization System?

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are organized and those who are disorganized. The organizers are people who stay up at night thinking about doors being open, lights that might be on and, oh no the dreaded clothes not being put away or what to make for dinner for the next 3 weeks. These are the same people who have great credit, never piss anyone off by missing a birthday, and make sure their children do their homework every night. Their clothes are pressed for work, their lunch is made the night before and they all drive within the speed limit.

Disorganized Problem Solver Invents Useful Pantree Cookware Organization System Pantree

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum, the disorganized sleep very well at night, even if every door is open to the house, the lights are on and the bills are paid in “Octoberish.” Their idea of living the dream is not annoyed by all of the things they need or should do.

It’s funny, I invented the PANTREE ® cookware & matching lid organizer and you would think that I would fall in the O group, but you would be dead wrong- just ask my wife. I am a problem solver. I would lose my keys or misplace them and would get all stressed out until I found a home for my keys by buying a 49 cent hook that hangs on the wall.

The same process went through my head every time I opened my cookware cabinet and a tsunami of metal would pour out. I figured there has to be something, some product on the market that wouldn’t cost a mortgage payment, that would make life easier and simpler when it comes to pulling out a piece of cookware from a cabinet, not to mention stop you from being injured by the cookware avalanche. There wasn’t, so I invented one: PANTREE ®.

So the next time you are walking down the organizer aisle at Bed Bath & Beyond or the Container Store, and you are sure that some anal retentive organization freak invented those organizers, think twice. It could very well have been someone who just wanted to make life easier for themselves and realized that others could benefit from the same solution.

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