Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the PT dimensions?

    19″ hgt x 13″ diameter.

  2. What size cabinet will PANTREE™ fit into?

    It will fit all standard lower/ base cabinets that have an opening of at least 15″ wide.

  3. What are the dimensions of a Standard Lower Cabinet

    Standard base kitchen cabinets are 24″ high x 24″ deep

  4. Will 2 PANTREE™s fit in a double base cabinet side by side?

    Yes, the PT will fit all base double cabinets ( double base cabinets are two cabinets next to each other with out a separating wall just a center post.)

  5. I have a small kitchen with a minimum amount of cabinet space, do I have an alternative space to put the PT if I don’t have a 15″ wide cabinet.

    Yes if you have a Pantry, the PT will fit on the floor of the Pantry. You might have to remove your bottom shelf so it will fit. The other alternative places to
    fit your PANTREE™ is an open countertop that does not have an upper cabinet above it or a kitchen island.

  6. If I buy the PT and it doesn’t fit can I return it?

    The PANTREE™ can be returned for any reason within the first 30 days. It must be returned in its current box.

  7. Is assembly required?

    It is a complete snap together assembly. No tools are required. There are only 2 different shapes and 7 parts altogether. It should take under 1 minute to assemble.

  8. Doe the PANTREE™ need a swivel or lazy susan to access all of the cookware?

    No, the PANTREE™ was designed to access all of the cookware with out having to move the PANTREE™ at all. The cookware on the shelves can be accessed by the cookware handle (Face handles to the left of the center post for leftys and to the right for right handed for easy access). Hanging cookware is just removed from respective hook.

  9. What if my lids don’t fit on top of my cookware on a shelf?

    Just turn the lid upside down and place it on top of the piece.

  10. If I have a recessed permanent shelf in my cabinet can I fit the PANTREE™?

    Only if the shelf measures 10″ or less in PANTREE™ from the rear of the cabinet to the lip. If the shelf is greater than 10″ deep than you will need to look at alternatives such as the pantry or the kitchen counter.

  11. If I have 10″ removeable recessed shelf should I remove it anyway even though the PANTREE™ will fit?

    We recommend that you remove it anyway because it will give you more room without the shelf in the back. However if you do decide to keep the shelf for storage of other things or suggestion is to keep kitchenware that you don’t need to access often.

  12. I have heavy cast aluminum cookware will the PANTREE™ handle the weight?

    Yes, Our recommended weight limit is a total of 25lbs of cookware

  13. What is it made out of?

    High Density ABS Plastic

  14. I am concerned that since its made of plastic that it won’t be strong or stable enough to hold my cookware.

    The PANTREE™ is designed with reinforced support on each shelf and legs and engineered for stability by using a snapping mechanism which connects the shelves to legs reducing torque or sway.

  15. If I put 2 fry pans on hook and nothing else is on the PANTREE™ will it topple over?

    No. The PANTREE™ has a pyramid design for balance.

  16. I have all different kinds of cookware from different manufacturers, will they all fit?

    Yes for the most part. The PANTREE™ was tested to accommodate all different styles of cookware from manufactures all over the world.

  17. How many pieces of cookware and how many lids can I put on it?

    4 pieces on the shelves with 4 matching lid covers and 6 hanging pieces, frypans or uncovered saucepans.

  18. I have some specialty cookware, a square griddle, a 12″ large frypan will the pieces fit?

    The PANTREE™ provides many choices to store most specialty cookware. Each shelf and hook can be used to individualize your own needs based on the cookware that you have.

  19. Do I still need a lid organizer?

    No, The PANTREE™ doubles as the best lid organizer on the market because it’s the only one that matches the lid to the pot

  20. What is the biggest pot that the PANTREE™ will store?

    It will fit most 8 quart stock pots (tall & narrow) or 8 quart dutch ovens. In certain cases it will store 10qts.

  21. How do I clean it?

    Take the unit apart and clean each piece with soap and warm water.