The PANTREE™ Story

Looking for ways to organize your pots, pans and lids? Look no further.

PANTREE™ is the first cookware organizer that uses the vertical space in your base kitchen cabinets to organize your cookware.

The result is your pots, pans and lids fit easily in your cabinets.

Now you can quickly find and use your pots, pans and lids. And even better, it’s easy to keep them this way so your cabinets will always be organized.

  • Each PANTREE™ cookware organizer takes up only 13″ diameter of space and 19″ in height.
  • Double base cabinets can easily fit two PANTREE™ Cookware organizers holding even more of your pots, pans and lids.
  • Each PANTREE™ stores 14 pieces of cookware including 4 lids.
  • PANTREE™ Cookware Organizer fits easily into standard base cabinets (15″w X 24″h X 24″d) including those cabinets that have a recessed shelf.