Where are you gonna put it?

We spend billions on storage products. Here are a few new, noteworthy ones coming your way

By Edith C. Webster

We do have lots of stuff, and we need somewhere to put it all, which may explain why we spend so much on storage products.

We spent $6.6 billion last year on bins, containers, laundry hampers and a bunch of other houseware items, according to HomeWorld Business 2007 census.

Here are a few — some trendy, some unusual — that caught our attention at the recent International Home & Housewares Show:

Pile up the pots and pans

Vertical Storage Solutions gave the Pantree Cookware Storage Organizer a debut on the QVC shopping channel last month.

The plastic stand holds up to 14 pieces of cookware, including an eight-quart Dutch oven, stock pots, pans and lids, while saving cabinet space.